Thursday, April 7, 2011

Invisible Alien creature caught on Mobile camera's Negative mode in Andhra Pradesh

A 14 year old student named Madhutar of Holiya, Nalgonda District in Andhra Pradesh found an Alien invading in between the trees located at the back side of his house. Early in the morning today while Madhutar as a daily routine, went to brush his teeth to the back side of his house and he suddenly found that the banyan trees and all other trees present there are shaking at a vibrant speed. Noticing this he went near the trees thinking of something might be present there. Then he found a rare shaped object looking at him and his house. Recognizing that it might be an Alien using his knowledge, but could not get a clear image of what it might be so, he immediately took his mobile phone and started capturing the entire seen in mobile camera but could not succeed. He then switched the camera normal mode of the phone to negative mode and started capturing the visual of alien staring at him and his house. He said that the alien stood there about 15mins and went away from there. After the alien left the place, the entire atmosphere got peaceful as the shaking of the trees became normal.

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